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Kitzel Farms Magnum Rotary

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 The Kitzel Family Farm  dairies in the beautiful White Rock area of Surrey BC right next to the Pacific Ocean. They are in the process of constructing a new dairy facility for their 450 cow dairy herd. This new facility consists of a WestfaliaSurge 40 Stall Magnum Rotary Parlour with a DairyPlan herd management system including the new 2 hr pedometers for monitoring animal health and reproduction heats. The milk is cooled and stored in a Koolway 8000g milk tank. This dairy will be the first to utilize the W/S PMD (Pulsation Monitoring Device) to monitor vacuum and pulsation function. The dairy will also use variable speed drives and plate heat exchanger to conserve energy. Congratulations to the Kitzel family on a state of the art dairy facility.
 More Pictures to come as the construction continue

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